One Act Festival 2015 – Meet Playwright Jacquelyn Priskorn

Tech week (aka “Hell Week”) is underway for the 5th Annual One Act Festival @ Rosedale Community Players and the show is coming together nicely.  Our actors have finally gotten the opportunity to see all the other plays and the early reviews are great.

One such piece everyone is looking forward to is The Rot, a story about what happens when a zombie infestation gets in the way of a family barbecue.  This piece is written by Jacquelyn Priskorn, a newcomer to RCP but no stranger to playwriting – let’s learn more about her!


Jacquelyn Priskorn


1)  What is your day job?

I am blessed to be able to just be an actor/playwright.

2)  Why did you start writing plays?

I remember writing a play in 3rd grade for my friends and I to perform during show & tell. I think we were being Alvin & the Chipmunks. The next solid playwrighting memory I have is writing a play as a gift to our directors at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. It was a parody of the stage show we were performing at the festival. This one was purely for cast and crew. Funny thing, I really don’t remember my first REAL playwright experience…Old age must have muddled my memory!

3)  Why did you write this play in particular?

I over-analyze everything until I take the fun out of it. I love THE WALKING DEAD, but seriously, if something is dead, why does it need to eat? And if it eats, what does its body do with the food? I decided the need for something dead to eat is silly. But the ambulatory dead isn’t completely out of the realm of possibility. One morning, I was opening the shades in my house, and I wondered to myself  “What if I opened these shades, only to see someone standing at this window waiting? Ooo! What if it were a zombie? I would shout to my husband and he would only be worried if it trampled his garden, I bet.” So, I decided if the dead WERE wandering around, they’d be gross and annoying. Nothing more. And that thought kind of made me laugh. So, I went with it. I may want to make this a full length play one day.

4)  What are you most looking forward to with this show?

Hearing if it made anyone laugh. I just want to see the weird world I created come to life/unlife!

5)  What’s next for you in terms of playwriting?

I’ve got a lot of notebooks full of “good starts.” But I’m stuck. I have a family friendly show I would like to ship off to my publisher soon. The trouble is, I don’t know where the characters are really going yet! I’m also kicking around a few ideas for my next show at Genitti’s in Northville. The current one I wrote is running there through November, by the way! Go check it out!  You can learn more about Jacquelyn and her many other works at her website:


Remember, there will be performances at 8 pm on Thursday, September 10th, Friday, September 11th and Saturday, September 12th as well as a matinee on Saturday, September 12th @ 2 pm.  RCP features cabaret-style assigned seating so reserve your seats today for the low cost of $10 each!

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