Let’s Try Some Improv!

Hello everyone! First I want to apologize for a lack of any posts in the last few weeks. We have been busy trying to plan new and exciting opportunities for our members and patrons since the world is slowly starting to open back up to live theatre!

And it is indeed slowly coming back! Just in the last week, RCP hosted a Virtual One Acts Fest, and we are excited to see some of our fellow community theatres starting to schedule outdoor performances. In fact we are really looking forward to Ridgedale Players outdoor production of Freaky Friday, which features a face familiar from the RCP stage, John Tonkovich. It also features RCP’s own newsletter Editor, Lily Godau.

We are really hopeful for many more in-person shows being available within the year! So are you ready to start auditioning again?

Well, you are in luck! We are hosting an Improv Workshop with local performer David Moan that will help you gain new skills and it has the potential to really help improve your auditions and performances. It is a one evening workshop, so it is the perfect way to start getting warmed up for the upcoming theatre season!

Now, who is David Moan? I first met him a decade ago as the musical director while performing at another area theatre, I could not sing. At all. But under his direction I learned that I was ranged incorrectly, and  I have much more control.  Finally I can sing without making all of the neighborhood dogs howl! So he has always been one of my favorite instructors.

Since then, he has become a friend and one of my favorite local performers. His performance as Ash in Evil Dead the Musical has turned our family into dedicated Deadites. 

So when I was looking for an improv teacher for my son, I was thrilled when he volunteered. And during the pandemic, when all classes were online, my kids were totally over it. However, Online Improv with David has remained Charlie’s favorite activity. He now asks me to text David every time he makes a joke. I don’t (you’re welcome, David), but I love that Charlie has developed a love for this skill that will help him no matter what he does in life.

Improv is known to build confidence, because you learn to listen and think on your feet. And with a good improv team, you learn to work together. All skills that will apply on stage, or doing a presentation for your clients or boss.

“You get all the benefits of theatre,” says David about Improv. “Good public speaking skills, self confidence, physical awareness… and an idea of how we work together as a team.”

“But what improv also gives us is life skills that you can apply outside of the theatre,” he continues. “Listening is a key tenet in improv. So is empathy. Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Thinking like somebody else.”

David says improv gets us to think outside of the box to problem solve as a team. 

So many benefits that can help you inside the theatre and out!

In the improv world David is one half of the musical improv group Torch Song with Jeremy St. Martin and as a cast member of the revival cast of Rock-o-Matic at Go Comedy. He also coaches the Improv Club at Dexter High School.

When relying on other people’s words and music, David can be seen on some of the most renowned stages in the area. Notable performances include John Wilkes Booth in Assassins (Wilde Award Winning) and Sweeney Todd in Sweeney Todd (Wilde Award Nominated) at the Encore Musical Theater Company, Martin in Candide with the Michigan Opera Theater, and Ash in Evil Dead The Musical (Wilde Award Nominated) with The Ringwald Theatre. 

And I would be remiss to write about David without telling you he is a huge Batman fan. 

So please join us Tuesday, May 25th 7pm for what promises to be a lot of fun, while stretching our skillset. Cost is $27 for the 90 minute workshop. Click here to sign up.

Devene Godau has been a member of RCP since the 2018 One Acts Festival and is currently the Promotions Chair on the Board of Directors. Devene holds a B.A. in Journalism from Michigan State University. She works as a freelance writer as well as a professional dog trainer when not helping out at the theatre. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, three kids, three dogs, two cats and a tortoise.

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