RCP’s First Virtual One Act Festival

Rosedale Community Theatre is excited to be presenting our first ever virtual One Act Festival!

Our annual live One Act Fest was derailed in 2020 (I am sure we don’t have to tell you why!!). I missed this popular kick off to our season, which was a great way to showcase local writers and actors. The One Acts was my first RCP event, and I have come to relish seeing both veterans and newbies on stage together for these 10-15 minute plays.

And I love opportunities for local playwrights to submit new scripts. I am always in awe of all of the talent we have locally.

So I was super excited when member Meg Berger proposed to spearhead a Virtual One Act Festival with the tagline “From Script to Screen in One Month”.

Last week we put out out a call for scripts and within seven days and we had 13 submissions.

Five scripts were selected:

A Call for Directors

Have you ever wanted to direct? Think fast! Because we need names of all people interested by tomorrow April 16th. If this piques your interest email megmberger@gmail.com ASAP!

If you have thought about directing, but this is all too sudden, stick around and get involved with RCP. As we are able to offer more performances, there will be opportunities to get some experience behind the scenes. Follow this blog, as we hope to have some upcoming artilces on directing too.

Upcoming Auditions

Auditions will be formally announced after director selections, but we are aiming for them to be on or around April 21. The best way to stay up to date with upcoming opportunities is to follow us on our Facebook page.

Auditions and rehearsals will take place via Zoom. We encourage all skill levels to give auditioning a shot. If you have always wanted to give acting a try, this is the perfect opportunity!

And with our virtual One Acts being presented online, all of your family members can safely watch your performance from the comfort of their own home. From your cousin Ted in Alaska to your Grandparents in Florida!

We Love an Audience

If you aren’t able to come be part of our One Acts team as a director or performer, we still hope you will consider letting us entertain you. We have all be itching to get back to performing art and now, after flying high from the success of our online radio show, The Maltese Falcon, we are excited to bring even more artists’ work to your screen.

We hope to premiere our performance around May 22nd. Stay tuned to this site for more news about our show!

Devene Godau has been a member of RCP since the 2018 One Acts Festival and is currently the Promotions Chair on the Board of Directors. Devene holds a B.A. in Journalism from Michigan State University. She works as a freelance writer as well as a professional dog trainer when not helping out at the theatre. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband, three kids, three dogs, two cats and a tortoise.


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