One Act Festival 2015 – Meet Playwright Lance Alan

Tonight is opening night for the 5th Annual One Act Festival @ Rosedale Community Players.  The actors have been hard at work for over two months and ready to present their labors to an audience.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you may even get scared out of your seat.  We’ve got plays of all types including one or two that we hope will lead to interesting discussions.

One such piece that will probably do all of the above is written by esteemed RCP member Lance Alan.  Lance has been a part of every One Act Festival at RCP – the first 3 editions featured him as a playwright and director and last year he was the Artistic Director.  He is with us in our 5th edition of the One Act Festival with his newest piece, which he is also directing, Recoil (Richard James & The Death of The American Dream).  Let’s learn more about Lance.

Lance Alan in RCP’s 2015 Production of Time Stands Still


1)  What is your day job?

By day and sometimes night I run my own dog walking business. It’s great because not only do I get to spend all day outside with my furry friends, I have a lot of time to think and work things out. I wrote most of Recoil on the streets of West Bloomfield. If you ever see me walking down the road babbling mindlessly to myself, I’m not crazy. I’m just writing a play.

2)  Why did you start writing plays?

I started writing plays shortly after getting interested in theatre. I was taking acting classes, performing in plays, seeing a lot of plays, reading scripts, and it just occurred to me that I should try it. My first play was produced in the summer of 2000 as part of a local one act festival. Since then, I’ve just kept writing and somehow my plays keep finding their way to the stage. I’ve been very fortunate to have the support of friends and local theatre in these endeavors.

3)  Why did you write this play in particular?

We’re living in a time when corporations have unprecedented power. I wanted to hold up a fractured fun house mirror to that.

4)  What are you most looking forward to with this show?

I look forward to watching the shows with the audience while munching on the free popcorn.

5)  What’s next for you in terms of playwriting?

I have more plays started than I will ever finish. I just keep throwing stuff at the wall and going with whatever sticks.

There are only 4 performances: 8 pm on Thursday, September 10th, Friday, September 11th and Saturday, September 12th as well as a matinee on Saturday, September 12th @ 2 pm.  RCP features cabaret-style assigned seating so reserve your seats today for the low cost of $10 each!

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